Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Being Politically Correct and Being Absurd

I did a post on this in August 2012.  I invite all viewers to explore my whole blog.  I have opinions again on this issue.

People are idiots.

This is a completely politically correct statement by a girl who wants more diversity within the Academy Awards: "The issue is that the academy tends to not judge on content, but convenience, and minority, female, differently-abled, non-heteronormative, non-cisgendered individuals get snubbed, or type-casted.”

Minority and female you know and you don't have to travel into the PC world.  But there it stops.  Let me translate from here.

Let me translate: heteronormative=straight.

Non-cisgendered= Men who think they are men and women who think they are women.  Normal people.     

And now,,,   


They've finally found a term they hope is less offensive than disabled!  No! No! No! This is going too far. The fact of the matter is that I can't cut meat as well as other people because I only have one functioning arm.  I have developed ways to counter this, but I am DISABLED.  I can't climb mountains as well as others because I am LAME. I am not a cripple only because I can walk.  This girl commenting reminds me of a mouse trying her hardest to creep around the issue like it's a ferocious cat. Trying her best to ignore the difference as if she's afraid I'll bite her if she squeaks a question about it. People are different. Acknowledge that that can be true and ask me if you want to know what happened to me instead of inventing a new term to avoid the issue.  It makes me a different person than you are when I am in truth one of you.  I just have to do a few things differently.  I probably will tell you my story if you ask me, but I want to tell it to you so that you know me.  I know you'll categorize me somewhat differently, just as we distinguish friends automatically by whether they are male, female, black, white, straight, gay, and so on.  But that's automatic and doesn't get on my nerves.

What does get on my nerves are people who invent these terms to try to make each disabled person part of one huge isolated identity group.  There's racism, sexism, and now they've invented another "ism" to try to isolate all disabled people--ableism.  There is no such thing as ableism--unless looking down on a classmate who did poorly on a test one time is an "ism."  You heard about his test score. Then you meet him, talk to him, and realize that's one test score and he's actually a genius.  Is that start an "ism?" Because that's about what ableism would be.

I'm a pretty lame guy who also has a ferocious personality.  Get over it, you jerks who claim that you want to be sensitive and so invent new terms to not offend each of us.  In doing so, you isolate each of us into a specific non-existent demographic group when we "differently-abled" people are not specific at all.  "Differently-abled?" Screw you.  Refer to each of us as who we are and not who you want us to be.