Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why I Celebrate Christmas

Yesterday the nation saw a ghastly massacre.  I can't imagine how mentally deranged that kid was.  My heart goes out to the people of Connecticut.  Those were beautiful lives that were cut short because of a kid's mental psychology.

I thought about taking out my Bible as the slight Christian I am for consolation, but I decided I don't know the Bible well enough.  I thought about pulling out the Qu'ran I have, but my knowledge of Islam is even worse.

But, these events are why I celebrate Christmas.  We should try to remember the good that is present in most people other than this evil bastard.

Everyone has their own personal demon and they have to confront and control that demon.  Even though we all do deeds we regret and are extremely corruptible, however, there is goodwill in this world.  News agencies do not broadcast this unless it's exceptionally good.  Even Mother Teresa, however, didn't get as much coverage as some of these acts.  It's atrocious, but we want to know more about this than we do about the organizations--secular or religious--that help people everyday.  It's especially hard in the dead of winter to remember these wonderful deeds that help the world daily.

That's why I celebrate Christmas.  For many of us, it's not the specific birth of Jesus of Nazareth.  It's the birth we celebrate: the beauty and wonders of life.  We celebrate what humankind can do for humankind.

That's difficult to remember and extremely hard right now.  But while we all grieve, let us not forget as we as a nation roll up to Christmas.  Whether Christian or otherwise, let us celebrate life.